Work with dry steam in the automotive industry to prevent moulding. Ideal for carwash, cardetailing, car polishing, wrapping and sticker removal!


A particularly efficient and fast way of Carcleaning.

It is very important for the professional car detailer to work with dry steam . Due to the shorter drying time, mold is prevented. Steaming cars is a very efficient and fast way of Carcleaning.


During many years of development in close cooperation with our cardetailing and automotive customers, we have listened carefully to the wishes of these pros. That is why our powerful and dry steam technique is now unique in its kind. The TCE vapor extraction vacuum cleaner from the C-series is by far the most popular steam cleaner for professional cardetailer. With a high steam pressure up to 10 bar and working temperature up to 186 degrees. The TCE steam extraction vacuum cleaner immediately sucks up the loose steamed dirt into the waste water container.


  • Interior and exterior

  • Ventilation and air conditioning system luchtjes- and smoking

  • Wrap and sticker removal

  • Heavens and upholstery

  • Grease-dirt-oil-grease and odor removal

  • Edges, seams and cracks

  • 8 year warranty on boiler and 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Maintenance contracts possible

  • Ask about our leasing options


TCE offers a low foaming and biodegradable cleaning agent Bio Steam Clean. Against stubborn stains, but also for the rims, the industrial floors and your bathroom.

Traditional car washing with a hose or high pressure sprayer costs on average: 250 liters of water. Cleaning the car with steam (inside / outside) uses only 4-5 liters of water.


TCE machines have a continuous boiler and can therefore be topped up without work interruption.