Let us help fight the spread of viruses, germs and (hospital) bacteria!

Steam disinfects contaminated surfaces by means of high temperatures. The heat breaks down viruses, germs and bacteria and fights spread on a large scale.

Note: mopping is distributing dirt.

Steam and vacuum the dirt immediately into a container under the machine. Use special microfiber cloths and a professional steam mop!

In addition to disinfecting with steam (between 140 and 185 degrees), the suction function can be used, with which the dirt is immediately sucked into the collection container. Without having to use canvases here! A few drops of the Aquaclean disinfectant provides a double disinfection to kill the residual bacteria in the collection container.

Think of disinfecting with steam of:

• Ambulance • Treatment tables • Floors • Sanitary • Handrails, handles, • Taps • Et cetera

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