Covid-19 (Corona)

The coronavirus has taken hold of us
Corona makes many people sick and can be life-threatening to our health.
The virus remains alive and active on surfaces for hours if not days.

With the professional TCE steam vacuum cleaners from The Clean Experience you can hygienically disinfect and clean.

Prevent the spread of corona and take measures within your cleaning!
With professional TCE steam cleaning you hygienically disinfect contaminated surfaces.

Virus control covid-19

With professional steam cleaning from The Clean Experience , you can combat the virus in the living and working environment. With the high temperatures of the 'dry' steam technique of TCE, you fight the covid-19 virus, which otherwise survives and multiplies for many days. So virus control through steam cleaning is highly recommended.

Fight the spread of hospital bacteria and (Covid-19) viruses with the help of a steam extractor.

Coronavirus spread measures

In addition to the general measures to prevent spreading that are known to all of us, we also know the hygiene standard that must be observed to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading through surfaces such as: sanitary facilities, door handles, handrails, worktops, floors, mattresses and treatment tables .

As a steam expert, The Clean Experience has the fast and very hygienic solution.

Fight bacteria and virus by means of steam cleaning within healthcare and beyond!

Destroy and fight virus

Are you looking for the solution? We have it for you.

We do not want to get sick en masse from the corona virus (covid-19) or other viruses.

That is why we adhere to the measures of the RIVM and maintain a 1.5 meter distance and sneeze into our elbows.

In addition to these measures, we can do a lot ourselves within the hygiene of the living and working environment.

Start cleaning with the 'dry' steam technique. 100% disinfectant and safe.

Let one of our steam experts inform you and request an advisor from

The Clean Experience for a free demonstration and explanation on location.

Fight corona

A professional steam cleaner from The Clean Experience can help you in fighting viruses (coronavirus and / or other viruses).

We are the market leader as a steam expert in both the private and professional market.
At The Clean Experience you are in the right place when it comes to combating corona from your living and working environment.

Where the virus is still rampant on all surfaces, the hot steam combats all virus particles and thus prevents contamination and spread.

Disinfecting surfaces

Disinfection of contaminated surfaces is best done by treating with steam.

The steam kills the virus where it would otherwise live on. It disinfects the work and living environment, mattresses, beds, worktops, door handles, floors, ambulances, treatment tables, handrails, shopping trolleys and so on.

Do you want to disinfect properly? then choose the professional steam cleaners for household and commercial use from The Clean Experience bv in Barneveld.

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