Tandarts kantoor
Healthcare and care

Destroy all viruses and bacteria with steam and ensure hygiene in hospitals, private clinics and dental practices. Also suitable for veterinary clinics, hairdressing salons and nail studios.

Cleaning services

For optimal hygiene in the healthcare sector.

In the health sector we are dealing with vulnerable people. People who have (chronic) health complaints and a low resistance. All the more reason to ensure extra hygiene. Cleaning with steam is the perfect solution for this. Steam disinfects and destroys viruses and bacteria. Our steam vacuum cleaners work on the basis of dry steam , so that less moisture remains in the room than with the regular cleaning method. In addition, the use of chemicals and / or cleaning agents is often unnecessary. Very suitable therefore also for cleaning OR areas, for example. The areas of application are unlimited. From floors, sanitary facilities and aids to carpets, mattresses and treatment tables. We have developed Low Noise steam vacuum cleaners and also the steam mop for this sector. The name says it all….. You want to protect these vulnerable people and offer them the best and cleanest environment, without having to be a burden to them. We have created The Hygiene Experience to support our dry steam technique.