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hospitality business

Meet the high standards of hygiene in the catering industry and clean restaurants, snack bars and fast food chains with steam vacuum cleaners.

hospitality business

For optimum hygiene in the hospitality business in accordance with hygiene standards.

The hospitality business has to deal with high demands regarding hygiene standards. Not only cleaning, but disinfection has also become a daily routine. Offer yourself, your employees and your customers a clean, hygienic environment. Do not distribute the dirt with a mop or mop, but vacuum the loose steamed dirt directly into the waste water container under your steam cleaner.

TCE already offers vacuum cleaner- sized steam vacuum cleaners. They are therefore mobile and easy to store. Chairs, tables, sanitary facilities and floors can be cleaned effectively and dried quickly. Steam cleaning is also very suitable for use in the bar and kitchen. Not only does it disinfect, but it also degreases. Extractor hoods, ceilings, ovens, cold stores and all stainless steel streak-free clean with steam. The steam does the work, which means that cleaning agents and / or chemicals are often unnecessary. Clean safely, quickly, less labor-intensive and in accordance with the HACCP standard. Bio Steam Clean , the low foaming, HACCP approved cleaning agent can help you with this. Also have a look at The Hygiene Experience for our disinfection columns and disinfectants .