HACCP when cleaning with a TCE steam cleaner or steam vacuum cleaner

What do the letters HACCP stand for?
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

What exactly is HACCP?


    • HACCP means that checks are carried out on health risks for the consumer when manufacturing, packaging and shipping edible goods. It costs our society 450 million euros annually, because consumers contract food poisoning, such as salmonella, at home.

    • The chance of risks is also examined (Hazard Analysis). When a risk is identified, it is referred to as a Critical Control Point. We can imagine anything: Open waste containers; dirty cloths (used randomly for all kinds of purposes); brushes; cloths and sponges all together in one bucket, but also cleaning products that are cluttered together.

    • Private individuals also pose a risk of illness, due to incorrect use of dishcloths that are stored too wet, lie down for days and are used for anything and everything. That is a source for bacteria!

    • A management rule can be drawn up commercially, so that the risk of contamination is minimized.

    • Make sure that the different cleaning agents are properly marked. Sort the brushes and microfibre cloths by color and store them separatly from each other. Use the colored cloths and brushes for the purposes indicated by the color coding (see diagram).


Different situations apply within the production process of each company. The HACCP must be tailored to this according to their own hygiene plan.
It must be agreed which zone / area and with which color and product has to be cleaned.


For whom is HACCP mandatory?

Companies that process, transport and / or store foodstuffs are obliged to maintain a HACCP system.
The following professions must comply with the new legislation:

  • Food industry.

  • Institutions such as; retirement homes, hospitals and, prisons.

  • Hospitality; restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and parties.

  • Artisan food sector; poulterers, butchers, specialty cheese shops, and bakeries.

  • Supermarkets.

  • Food distribution centers.

  • Food import and export companies.

  • Storage and transhipment companies for foodstuffs.

  • Sports centers.

  • Gas stations with food shops.

  • Snack carts / trolleys to think of spring rolls, doughnuts and market stalls.


How do you guarantee cleaning according to the color coding via the HACCP method?


Provide every workplace or room with a color, for example:


Important to avoid cross contamination:

There are no official rules for the colors you use for a room, however:
Record this in a hygiene plan, so that everyone adheres to it.


Record the color scheme with codes and describe the space / workplace, the color and which product will be used, so that everyone enforces the same rules. This prevents cross contamination to another zone.


Is it mandatory to work with colored cleaning brushes, cloths, buckets and sponges?

Yes, this is mandatory. Wooden brooms, steel floor squeegees are strictly prohibited. The reason for this is that wood gets wet, metal starts to rust and the temperature within the working environment is often above 20 ° C. For this reason, there is a high risk of bacterial growth. Prevent this by being clear in your plan of action and in training for all cleaning employees.

Color your zone !!


Cleaning and disinfection, what's the difference?

During cleaning, the visual (perceptible) dirt is removed.
Disinfection kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.


During cleaning with steam (disinfection), temperatures between 140 ° C and 180 ° C degrees are used for cleaning and disinfection in one operation. If you use a steam vacuum cleaner , the dirt is immediately sucked into the waste water container. No cloths or mops are used for this. So guaranteed disinfection.


What does hygienic working with accessories / parts for the TCE steam cleaners mean ?

The TCE Nylon brushes (3 cm - 4 cm - 6 cm) are resistant to high steam temperatures (140 ° C to 180 ° C). Our colored microfibre cloths absorb a lot of moisture and are available in the same colors as the brushes for the TCE steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners. These are washable up to 95 ° C and should be washed without fabric softener and may be put in the dryer.
For our range, see the website under the heading
Hygiene sets or Accessories .