Why steam?

Due to the high temperature (140-190 degrees celsius steam) all bacteria and bacilli are instantly terminated. The reason for this is because, the steam creates a shock effect. All contamination is immediately released from the surface and because steam vacuum cleaners suck dust and water, the dirt is immediately and hygienically sucked into the waste water container under the machine. Due to the great heat, chemical additives and cleaning agents are often unnecessary. This saves a lot, while still working according to the HACCP standard!

Thorough explanation and support of The Clean Experience

Then and now
The mop is a thing of the past, as it spreads the dirt and leaves a residue (layer) of cleaning products. Also, expensive dust bags and filters are no longer necessary in a steam vacuum cleaner. Water is the absolute filter. Dust and bacteria are no longer returning (blown out) into the working and living environment.
The Clean Experience have a wide range of powerful cleaning machines and are equipped with a continuous boiler, so that water can be refilled while you continue working. Practical and easy-to-change attachments also belong to the standard.

Benefits for you:


  • Work economically, efficiently and faster

  • Multifunctional and safe to use

  • Continuous boiler

  • Compact system

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Practical attachments included


Our new technology, designed to further improve the performance and reliability of our products.


Abstracte vormen

Which steam cleaner is right for me?

Advice for the right steam vacuum cleaner?

Are you looking for the most effective and efficient solution for your tough cleaning jobs? The steam cleaning machines from The Clean Experience are machines that can vacuum both wet and dry. Our high-quality steam devices often have a hot water function (jet), which makes the steam extractor suitable for any application. The experienced consultants of The Clean Experience are happy to give you concrete and result-oriented advice. Your own situation is unique, so make use of our expertise.

Before you purchase the steam vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner , you might first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which surface (s) do you want to clean with it?

  • How many square meters do you want to be able to clean?

  • Which type of contamination do you encounter the most?

  • Is the device intended for daily use or incidental?

  • Do you want to use the steam vacuum cleaner as a replacement for your regular vacuum cleaner?

  • Are you going to use the machine multifunctionally? windows, doors, floors, cladding and, for example, sanitary facilities?

You can already orient yourself on the site of The Clean Experience, where you can find the specific properties of the cleaning machines.


If you would like detailed information, please contact your regional adviser. Call (or fill in the contact form) for a no-obligation demonstration or quotation.


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