Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions 2021 and AVG

Article 1. Definitions

1-1 TCE: Entrepreneur who acts authorized under the name The Clean Experience BV.

1-2 Force majeure: a non-attributable impossibility or unforeseeable change.

Article 2. Agreement

2-1 Giving an order to TCE, which also includes placing an order with TCE, is considered an agreement to which these terms and conditions apply.

2-2 An agreement with TCE becomes binding first and only by written or oral confirmation by TCE.

2-3 TCE is permitted to have work carried out by third parties for the benefit of the proper execution of the agreement.

2-4 Orders via the web shop of TCE will, unless otherwise agreed, be sent to the address to be indicated and checked by the client.

Article 3. Agreements

3-1 Special agreements deviating from these general terms and conditions only apply to specific agreements for which this has been agreed in writing.

3-2 Arrangements or agreements with employees of TCE only bind the latter if he confirms them.

Article 4. Delivery and user manual

4-1 In case of shipment, this is done as indicated by TCE. If the client wishes to receive a shipment differently than usual, any additional costs thereof are also for his account.

4-2 Stated delivery times are approximate.

4-3 If delivery takes place in parts, invoicing can also take place in parts.

4-4 Exceeding the delivery term can never entitle to compensation.

4-5 If the delivery period is exceeded by more than two months, the agreement may be dissolved for the part that has not (yet) been delivered.

4-6 If ordered or repaired goods are not purchased by the client, those goods are stored at his expense and risk. After three months of no response from the customer, storage costs may be charged.

4-7 You are deemed to have read the contents of the supplied operating manual!

Article 5. Changes to the assignment

5-1 Any higher costs due to changes (both written and oral) in an assignment, by or on behalf of the client, will be passed on.

5-2 Changes made may result in the delivery time agreed for the changes being exceeded by TCE beyond its responsibility.

5-3 If after the agreement the prices undergo increases due to force majeure, these may be passed on by TCE. Prices are indexed every year and adjusted if necessary.

Article 6. Cancellation / return

6-1 After the client has received an item ordered via the web shop, he has the right of return: within 14 days after receipt, without giving any reason. Provided the item is in unused condition.

6-2 If the client wishes to dissolve the agreement or purchase, pursuant to paragraph 1 of this article, he must notify TCE of this in writing: by e-mail. Subsequently, he will deliver the product (or have it delivered) to a return address to be specified by TCE. This must be done in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging. Costs and risk of shipping are for the client.

6-3 If the agreement is not terminated or canceled in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article, or the client refuses to purchase the ordered, the client is obliged to purchase the materials and raw materials already purchased by TCE, whether or not processed or processed at the price. cost price. The Client will also owe TCE as compensation: the amount of 1/3 of the agreed price.

6-4 If doubts arise at TCE with regard to the payment morality or payment option of the client, TCE is free to terminate the agreement with the relevant client. Client allows TCE to obtain information for this purpose. (e.g. BKR registration)

6-5 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 3 of this article, TCE reserves all rights to claim full compliance with the agreement or full compensation.

6-6 Appointments made with our on-site service technicians can be canceled or rescheduled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. However, if they come to the customer on location for nothing, call-out costs of € 75 will be charged.

Article 7. Guarantee / Complaints

7-1 Warranty is determined in accordance with applicable law. Warranty is provided on materials supplied, but not on intangible costs such as labor, call-out costs and research costs.

7-2 If the client does not point out defects to TCE within 10 days after receipt of the goods or repair, which could be noticed during direct use and investigation, the client is deemed to agree with the condition in which the goods were delivered. .

7-3 TCE should be enabled to check submitted complaints before honoring or not honoring them.

7-4 Offers, prices, specifications, promotions, advertisements, brochures, etc. are subject to change and do not bind TCE.

7-5 TCE Machines from the domestic line (H-line) are always sent to customer or to TCE. Either for delivery or for repair purposes.

Article 8. Repair & service

Conditions of TCE's repair and installation service:

Customer agrees to the following conditions after placing an order

TCE repair and installation service. This can be done in writing, by e-mail service@tce.nl or

by phone 0342-701205. In the event of repair / maintenance by a TCE technician on site, he will at all times be given the opportunity to have access to a technically sound room or workplace.

8-1 The repairs are based on the complaints submitted by the customer. If no clear complaints have been submitted, the defects / errors found by the technician will be repaired.

8-2 The repair costs are determined on the basis of: the starting rate, the number of working periods per 15 minutes. Any materials (parts) to be used and, if necessary, the collection and return costs and any shipping and / or administration costs.

The repair or research costs must be paid immediately in cash / by pin to the technician. We send invoices via debtor administration and afterwards.

Starting rate for activities is € 13.75 per 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes thereafter € 13.75

Call-out costs € 75, - All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

8-3 At the request of the customer, the technician will provide a quotation.

a. If an investigation shows that the repair will be higher than a previous quotation, the customer will be asked if he / she wants to have the device repaired for a higher price. Research costs on request amount to € 75. In case of a written quotation, a confirmation from the customer is required to proceed with the repair.

b. The customer may decide not to provide further services by the technician and any disassembled devices will be reassembled in consultation with the customer. The customer pays for the periods worked and possibly. pick-up and delivery costs

c. If repair parts have to be supplied by third parties, the mechanic will not charge extra costs for the 2nd visit (only the periods worked and the parts / materials) and he will try to inform the customer about the expected waiting time. The customer cannot keep the technician to this waiting time.

8-4 Unless otherwise agreed, only new, original parts will be used for repairs, or, when expressly discussed with the customer, exchange parts.

8-5 A repair will be carried out in such a way that the device again fully complies with the legal safety regulations. If this is not possible, the technician will inform the customer and will not repair the device but reject it for further use.

8-6 The technician is liable for theft if he takes the machine to TCE, as well as for loss of accessories and accessories.

8-7 After repair, the customer will receive an invoice with a brief description of the work performed and the replaced parts.

8-8 The technician gives a warranty of three months on labor / driving and 6 months on parts after a completed repair. This guarantee only applies when payment has been made. No warranty is given on cleaning or maintenance, as well as on repairs carried out on devices with lightning, water or moisture damage, unless expressly stated otherwise on the repair receipt. If the machine is soiled to such an extent that repair / investigation proves impossible, a € 45 cleaning fee will be charged.

8-9 If the same defect occurs again within the warranty period, the repairer will provide a quotation for this new repair.

a. For the same cause of the complaint, only the parts that have not been replaced during the repair will be calculated.

b. If it turns out that the cause of the complaint is different from that of the previous repair, the costs of the new repair will be charged to the customer, with the exception of the starting rate.

c. After a renewed repair, the warranty period referred to in article 8 starts again.

8-10 When the technician determines that old cabling, plugs or water hoses are outdated, they are replaced by new ones to prevent short circuits and / or leakage. This is to prevent unsafe and life-threatening situations. The costs for these parts / materials are in addition to the installation costs. If the customer does not want this, the device in question will not be approved for use by TCE.

8-11 Repairs to devices for which a manufacturer's warranty still applies, is only carried out at the express request of the customer. If a repair is carried out by a third party, the warranty will be void. This also applies to any adjustments on or to the machine and accessories.

Article 9. Liability

9-1 TCE is only liable for damage to the equipment or property of the client, if this has been caused (demonstrably and substantiated) by the direct actions of the TCE employee.

9-2 TCE will never be obliged to compensate more damage than is covered by its insurance.

Article 10. Retention of title

10-1 As long as the client has not fully paid all claims to TCE, all goods delivered remain the property of TCE.

10-2 TCE has the right to reclaim and / or collect these goods; costs: € 75 call-out costs. If the client does not fulfill its obligations, it undertakes to fully indemnify TCE.

10-3 The client is not permitted to pledge, sell or otherwise monetize TCE goods as long as he has not fulfilled his payment obligations.

Article 11. Payment

11-1 Payment is normally made in advance or upon delivery. If this is deviated from, payment must be made within 14 days after the invoice date. Other payment conditions only apply if they have been agreed in writing and prove feasible.

11-2 If the payment of the amount due is not received by TCE within the set term, the client is in default and TCE is entitled to charge the client interest of 2% per month, calculated from the day of sending the invoice.

11-3 When TCE has in its possession goods of a client that is in default, it is entitled to appropriate them for (partial) payment of the claim.

11-4 If TCE takes collection measures against the principal who is in default, all costs related to that collection will be borne by the principal.

Article 12. Applicable law

12-1 Dutch law and European Union law apply.

12-2 If an article or paragraph or part thereof is found to be in conflict with applicable law, this will only result in the nullity of this part and not of the rest of these general terms and conditions.

12-3 When TCE applies these general terms and conditions generously, no rights can be derived from this; neither will it set a precedent.

12-4 TCE reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions, prices, contracts and the like, if there are compelling reasons to do so, after always informing the customer in writing.

Article 13. AVG regulations:

13-1 GDPR regulations: (General Data Protection Regulation)

On May 25, 2018, the European GDPR enters into force in the context of the right 'to be forgotten'.

Data subjects can have outdated or incorrect information that is sensitive to privacy removed. Even if you have previously given permission to TCE your name and address. to include data in the customer database, we will remove you from our system within one month at your written request.

What are your personal data used for?
We need your data to act in accordance with our warranty provision and to keep track of the purchase term for the service contracts. As TCE, we will respect and protect your personal data and, in accordance with the applicable legal rules, will take, maintain and, if necessary, adjust technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.
Personal data will never be used for resale to third parties for commercial purposes.

The consequences of removing your data from our customer base.
If we have to delete your data at your request, the consequence is that we can no longer determine the purchase date and machine number of your purchase and the warranty will therefore lapse. Your data is also important for a service contract.

13-2 For you as a customer of The Clean Experience, we have an important announcement in the context of the stricter AVG regulations:

What are your stored personal data for?
We have stored your name and address in our secure customer database in connection with service contracts and / or warranty conditions. This customer file also includes your machine number and the date of purchase. This is to determine your warranty period for any repair or service of your TCE steam cleaner.

Your data is and will remain confidential and will never be resold to third parties for commercial purposes.

Do you wish to have your personal data deleted?
If you decide that we should remove you from our customer base, please let us know by sending an email to info@tce.nl , with the subject: 'Delete my data'.
Note: The deletion of your data will have consequences for the warranty provision.