Good hygiene and disinfection by means of 'dry steam' helps to prevent spreading!

On the advice of the @RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands is scaling up to the highest level of vigilance for the corona virus. Good hygiene helps to combat spreading! Below the facts as of 10-03-2020 (Source RIVM)

We regularly hear that the only solution to prevent contamination of the virus is the use of disinfectants. That is not true. The RIVM in the Netherlands says the following:

How is a coronavirus transmitted?

The transmission depends on the specific coronavirus. Human coronaviruses can be passed from an infected person to others by:

• the air through coughing and sneezing

• close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands

touching an object or surface containing the virus and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes before washing hands

What can people do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

The most important measures that people can take to prevent the spread of the corona virus is to observe the general hygiene measures that are now known to everyone. These measures do not only apply to the corona virus, but also to all viruses that cause flu and colds.

In addition to the personal hygiene rules, there is currently an increased demand for professional steam cleaners (with or without suction function) that offer protection against the virus on matters that we all touch in public areas and at home. Like;

• handrails,

• door handles,

• sanitary,

• taps,

• showcases,

• shopping trolleys,

• tables and chairs

• etcetera

Steam disinfects contaminated surfaces by means of high temperatures. The heat breaks down viruses, germs and bacteria and prevents widespread spread. Note: mopping is distributing dirt. Steam and vacuum the dirt immediately and use good microfibre cloths.

In addition to cleaning with steam (between 140 and 185 degrees), a suction function can also be used on the machine, with which the dirt is immediately sucked into the collection tray. Without having to use canvases here. A few drops of the Aquaclean disinfectant provides a double disinfection to combat the bacteria in the collection container.

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