Laser snijden

Mechanical industry

Go for an efficient and sustainable solution and clean effectively with steam in the mechanical industry. Suitable for industrial cleaning of conveyor belts, moulds and other machinery used in production processes.

Mechanical industry

Efficient and sustainable cleaning in the mechanical industry.

Industrial cleaning.

When cleaning needs to be done quickly and thoroughly, steam cleaning is an efficient and sustainable solution.
It can be used in many places in industrial cleaning. The working environment; conveyor belts and control panels can be safely cleaned of grease and dirt. The examples are unlimited. By using minimal moisture and chemicals, this 'dry steam technique' achieves groundbreaking results within the mechanical industry.

The years of experience of The Clean Experience has ensured that this ecological, environmentally friendly way of cleaning with steam can carry the 'Green Label'.

By listening carefully to the wishes of the customer, The Clean Experience advisor provides tailor-made advice. Also at the customer's location. The advantage of our own label TCE is that the professional steam equipment is often developed in collaboration with our customers.

Areas of application in the mechanical industry are therefore very wide. As a supportive, strong degreasing product, TCE has the: professional Bio Steam Clean Power .


For example, think of:


  • Cleaning of molds, printing presses, turning-milling machines and machines used in production.

  • Remove grease and oil residues.

  • Ventilation systems, air conditioners and the associated parts.

  • Disinfection and disinfection of treadmills, floors, walls, ceilings, stainless steel housings.

  • Disinfect filters and grids and remove viruses.


TCE professional steam cleaners and steam extraction vacuum cleaners complement, if not replace, the traditional way of cleaning in the Industry.