Lege bus

Education, childcare and public transport

In places where many people come together, it is important to clean properly. Use professional steam hoovers to remove all bacteria with steam in schools, day-care centres and public transport.

Sport, Wellness and Spa

For proper and professional cleaning of places where many people come together.

Education / childcare / public transport


You cannot escape it in this sector: many people together. Something where we have to be extra careful in this time, where we are still dealing with Corona. Steam has been proven to destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses. Because our steam vacuum cleaners work with dry steam, it can be applied to any type of surface. Tables, chairs, banisters, upholstery, carpets, mattresses, (non-colored) leather, stainless steel, all types of floors, tiling… the application areas are unlimited. The TCE professional steam vacuum cleaners are equipped with an extensive range of accessories as standard. Even places where you normally cannot, or cannot easily reach, can now be cleaned. TCE already has vacuum cleaner-sized models, which makes them very mobile. Also have a look at The Hygiene Experience for our disinfection columns and disinfectants .