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Sport, Wellness and Spa

Clean all humid areas, sanitary facilities, large floor surfaces, (fitness) equipment and more with professional steam hoovers in swimming pools and sports centres. Also suitable for sauna, wellness and spa.

Sport, Wellness and Spa

For optimal cleaning of humid rooms.

Keeping a sports and / or wellness complex clean is quite a job. You have to deal with a lot of sanitary facilities, large floor areas, tiling and joints, (fitness) equipment, sports mats, treatment tables and you name it. In addition, damp rooms are sensitive to an accumulation of fungi and bacteria. Cleaning with steam offers a solution. A professional steam vacuum cleaner cleans, disinfects and destroys these fungi, bacteria and viruses, with or without the addition of cleaning products . Steam can be used on any surface and the areas of application are unlimited.


Cleaning companies such as Fonville and Asito frequently use our professional steam vacuum cleaners for cleaning accommodations, including sports and wellness complexes. Do you manage the cleaning yourself? Our steam vacuum cleaners are easy to use. Also take a look at: The Hygiene Experience .

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