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Steam cleaners produce steam under high pressure (4 to 10 bar). The great heat of the water vapor ensures that dirt, oil and grease come off very easily from the surface to be cleaned. The pollution 'scares', as it were, by the steam that releases it. In addition, the dry, hot condensation disinfects and kills all bacteria. Cleaning with steam is an environmentally friendly and fast way of thorough cleaning. It is much less labor intensive than the old-fashioned cleaning methods. It is less harmful to the environment, because the use of chemical cleaning agents is often superfluous and you use considerably less water.


The attachments are important, especially when various cleaning jobs have to be carried out. The steam cleaners are supplied as standard with an accessory set composed by our customers. This makes it possible to carry out the most common activities and to clean hard-to-reach areas.


The pressure is indicated in 'bar'. The amount of bar determines how quickly and thoroughly cleaning can be done. The pressure and temperature are continuously adjustable, so that it can ultimately be used on any type of surface. The operation on the handle offers great ease of use.


A few advantages for you:


  • Works without the addition of cleaning agents and / or chemicals. Can, of course, be used in combination with.

  • You can clean corners, cracks and edges that you cannot reach by hand with this machine.

  • Works quickly, less labor-intensive and very hygienic.

  • Application areas are unlimited.

  • Clean safely, quickly, easily and in accordance with the HACCP standard!


There are steam cleaners with and without a continuous boiler. A steam cleaner with a continuous boiler can always steam. The water tank can be refilled in between, while the steam cleaner is at temperature and pressure.


The steam cleaners do not have a suction function. Do you still have some residual moisture? Then take that away with the TCE microfiber cloths. These cloths have a great absorption capacity. The right microfibre cloths also clean without streaks and do not fluff.

Never use fabric softener when washing the cloths, this significantly reduces the absorption capacity!


We also supply steam cleaners with a suction function. For more information, see our steam vacuum cleaners and steam extraction .

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