Steam vacuum cleaners, as the name suggests, are steam cleaners with a suction function. This combination offers many advantages.

Think of vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting in one action, while you dry the floor simultaneously.


Steam vacuum cleaners produce steam under high pressure (4 to 10 bar). The great heat of the water vapor ensures that dirt, oil, grease, etc., is very easily detached from the surface to be cleaned. The steam, as it were, causes the pollution to 'startle' and let go. In addition, the dry, hot condensation disinfects and kills all bacteria. Cleaning with steam is an environmentally friendly and fast

way of thorough cleaning. It is much less labor intensive than the old-fashioned cleaning methods. It is less harmful to the environment, because the use of chemical cleaning agents is often superfluous and you use considerably less water.


The accessories are also important, especially when various cleaning jobs have to be carried out. The steam vacuum cleaners are supplied as standard with an extensive accessory set (put together in collaboration with our customers). This makes it possible to carry out the most common activities and to clean hard-to-reach areas.


The pressure is indicated in 'bar'. The amount of bar determines how quickly and thoroughly cleaning can be done. The pressure and temperature are continuously adjustable, so that it can ultimately be used on any type of surface. The operation on the handle offers great ease of use.


A few advantages for you:


  • Suction, mopping and disinfection in one action. The floor is then bacteria-free, clean and dry. Dirt is not distributed, but loosened and the dirt and moisture go back into the machine.

  • Works without the addition of cleaning agents and / or chemicals. Can of course be used in combination with.

  • You can clean corners, cracks and edges that you cannot reach by hand with this machine.

  • Works quickly, less labor-intensive and very hygienic.

  • The combination of steam and suction ensures that you hardly need any cloths anymore. This is very hygienic for you (especially in this time of Corona).

  • Areas of application are unlimited: floors, windows / showcases, sanitary ware and furniture, mattresses, bar / counter, extractor hoods, ovens and / or cold stores and freezers, chip shop, ceilings and tiling. In short, everything you want to be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Clean safely, quickly, easily and in accordance with the HACCP standard!


With a steam vacuum cleaner you can clean without using cloths in 90% of the cases, as the steam vacuum cleaner can also immediately suck up the loosened dirt again. We recommend good microfibre cloths for the damp edges .


We also supply steam cleaners without a suction function. For more information, see our steam cleaners .

White Mist
Stoomstofzuiger TCE M6.jpg
TCE M6+ Hera
Slagvast kunststof
230 -240
Maximaal vermogen
3100 watt
Lengte stroomkabel
7 Meter
1200 watt
Vuilwaterbak inhoud
5,5 liter
Vermogen boiler
3100 watt
5 Minuten
6 bar
140 / 160 ⁰ C
Voortank boiler
1,2 Liter
Inhoud RVS boiler
1,5 Liter
Stoomopbrengst per min.
60-80 g/min
Inhoud extra tank
0,5 Liter
Lengte slang
2,5 Meter
12 Kilo
Afmetingen L x B x H
37 x 30 x 41 cm
Garantie / Garantie boiler
2 Jaar / 8 jaar